Reich uses Extrude Hone’s Thermal Deburring (TEM)  to deburr their machined parts.

Reich’s expertise in mechanics, metallurgy, assembly and knowledge of the finished end-product offers the flexibility required to respond to customer requests in a timely and professional manner.

Reich LLC is located in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains just south of Asheville NC.

The foundation of Reich LLC and the opening of a production facility was established in 2010 followed by the start of production in September 2011. Since then Reich produces as a global leader in turning components parts for the electrical steering system and special parts for the automatic transmission.

Reich uses Thermal Deburring (TEM) technology to deburr their machined parts. These are high volume parts used in automotive transmission system. Deburring the individual part, one by one, by hand is not efficient due to poor quality of deburring, inconsistency and time consumed per part. Reich found Thermal Deburring (TEM) technology offered by Extrude Hone is an excellent solution for their application. TEM can process high volume of parts efficiently, and consistently each time. The overall cost is much cheaper while comparing to manual deburring, or any other methods available.

For many years, Reich LLC used TEM technology for deburring. Due to increase in production demand, recently Reich replaced their two older TEM machine with a new machine from Extrude Hone. This new machine alone produces more parts than the two combined in the past. Moreover this has all the new technologies and modern features available. Jointly, Reich and Extrude Hone team developed the tooling and fixture to accommodate 3 to 4 times more parts comparing to the previous machines.

Reich LLC is a success story for Thermal Deburring application, with a happy and satisfied customer.

Extrude Hone provides service and support to Reich LLC, whenever required by the customer.