Polishing, Radiusing and Deburring by Extrude Hone

The machines are sized and have different features to address different requirements. From small footprint die polishing ECOFLOW machine up to the SPECTRUM machine used in Aerospace for large component, you will find the one that fits your needs.

Extrude Hone provides Tooling, Media and Accessories for Abrasive Flow Machining Equipment.


Deburring and Radiusing by Extrude Hone

The machines bring modularity, so you get what you really need. Both products feature high end machining capabilities but  ECO+ is more suited for low to medium volume while the ECLINE is usually for large volume coming with full automation and complete inline integration.

Extrude Hone provides Tooling, Cathodes and Accessories for Electrochemical Machining Equipment.


Deburring by Extrude Hone

The T Series includes the T250, T350 and T450 thermal deburring machines.

They provide fast and reliable solution for removing all internal and external burrs simultaneously in a single operation

Extrude Hone provides Tooling and Accessories for Thermal Deburring Equipment.


Flow Tuning and Flow Bench by Extrude Hone

Typically designed for the industries using fuel systems, these machines offer multiple variation of Single, Dual  and Multiple stations combining Flow tuning and / or Flow bench capabilities. They cover the full range of existing applications from Low, Medium and High Flow.

Extrude Hone provides Tooling, Media  for MICROFLOW Equipment.


Tooling by Extrude Hone

For each Technology we design and manufacture Tooling which are an important element of the machining process. Some tooling are quite simple others require deep engineering that follow science. You part is unique, so we engineer the tooling to match your requirements and to optimize the productivity. We will partner with you to ensure that the tooling fits your specific process, automated or not, whether it be for component deburring, polishing, shaping and flow tuning.


Accessories by Extrude Hone

For each Technology we have designed accessories that goes hand in hand with our machines. They fit perfectly and they communicate to the machine when needed.  We spend time to figure out the right specification and we test the accessories in our contract shops. It could be a filtration unit, a cooling unit, or a compressor you can step back and relax it’s Extrude Hone proof.