With patient outcomes depending on them, medical devices demand the highest level of design, quality, manufacturing and reliability. Complex geometries of implantable devices, exacting requirements of surgical instrumentation, and the high standards required by diagnostic equipment call for surface finishing results that go above and beyond what is possible with traditional techniques.

The proven shaping, deburring and polishing results delivered by our Extrude Hone® processes are especially well-suited to meet the surface finishing needs of the medical device industry.

Medical application success utilizing these specialized processes include:

  • Implantable devices
    • Cardiovascular assistance devices (VAD’s)
    • Spinal
    • Orthopedics
    • Additive Layer Manufactured (ALM) implant finishing
  • Non-implantable devices
    • Prosthetics
    • Diagnostic, treatment and sedation equipment
  • Surgical instrumentation
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Chromatography
    • Drug delivery manufacturing

Our processes help to:

  • Deburr and polish hard-to-reach internal areas, where other techniques fail
  • Reduce wear and improve corrosion resistance
  • Improve flow with smooth, low friction surfaces
  • Remove stress risers that could lead to component failure
  • Eliminate the hazard of loose metallic particles
  • Enhance sterility of instruments
    • removing surface imperfections
    • reducing roughness
    • eliminating sharp edges
  • Automate deburring and surface finishing removing the manual processes and in turn increasing throughput
  • Achieve mirror finish surfaces when required
  • Accomplish precise machining of intricate shapes
  • Improve the surface finish of Additive Layer Manufactured (ALM) components
  • Shape and finish devices in one single step

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