Profitability. Savings. Efficiency. These are the goals manufacturers strive to achieve, day in and day out, across a broad array of industries. More and more, meeting these goals relies on perfecting every detail, of every part, of every product. For product components with specialized surface development, shaping and finishing requirements, the Extrude Hone® line of surface finishing machine tools offer proven solutions.

Our AFM, ECM, ECM DYNAMIC, PECM and TEM Extrude Hone® processes have been developed and refined to meet the surface shaping and finishing needs of manufacturers. Through our Extrude Hone line, we focus on helping our customers increase their profitability by streamlining production and improving the performance of components used in their products. Each of our surface finishing technologies offers a unique set of specialized advantages.

Extrude Hone® delivers precise, advanced shaping, deburring, polishing and radiusing processes to help your components last longer and perform better. We specialize in the following finishing technologies, each of which offers a unique set of specialized advantages.

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