Die Extrusion Manufacturers across a broad array of industry sectors including aerospace, ship building, automotive, and architecture understand the value of improving and simplifying the reliability of die extrusion to increase productivity, and help ensure the quality of their end products.

Extrude Hone® offers proven processes designed to sustain high quality and improve precision of finished product profiles with complete processing in a fraction of the time required by hand finishing.

Look to Extrude Hone processes to help:

  • Process carbide dies with very intricate shapes that are otherwise unreachable by hand finishing.
  • Improve aluminum extruder productivity by up to 40–50 tons per die by using automatic die finishing solutions.
  • Ensure that a die will achieve its expected output by reducing surface imperfections and enhancing quality.
  • Increase productivity of die preparation by reducing die polishing time up to 80% — from 10 minutes to just 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Extend die life through reconditioning.


Learn more about the Extrude Hone processes that are ideally suited to the needs of General Manufacturing applications here:

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Extrude Hone Die Extrusion