Extrude Hone solutions support the military, law enforcement agencies and people participating in shooting competition to have the highest confidence in their firearms.

It’s about precision and quality.

For many years Extrude Hone has developed specific solutions to support the firearm industry. Our technologies contribute to increase quality and improve productivity. We are taking no risks on product quality and reliability like manual deburring could do, and we are rethinking the far from perfect mechanical rifling process.

TEM (Thermal Deburring) and ECM (Electrochemical Machining) processes ensure THE perfect deburring you need.

AFM, Abrasive Flow Machining, is used for micro deburring and polishing.

ECM rifling allows to get the best of rifling.

Improving Quality and Reliability

  • A single micro burr could compromise functionality. To avoid this TEM can be used to deburr various components (Gun ram, Bolts, carriers, and trigger mechanisms…). TEM can help prevent jamming and increase smoothness of your firearms.

TEM set up showing multiple component process at once.

Before TEM

After TEM a 120 seconds process

  • AFM can be used to deburr barrels, bores, passageways, and more. Improving the surface can help prevent rusting and increase the lifespan of firearms by reducing the friction across moving parts and the resulting wear imposed on the surface. You can also improve the visual appearance and aesthetic of your firearms.


  • ECM deburring for gun breech leaves no burr or micro particle behind deliver state of the art clean components, bringing your machining solution a level higher.

Improving performance with rifling

  • ECM offers the ability to rifle your gun barrel with ease.
  • ECM rifling can be either Dynamic or Static.
  • Improves firearm accuracy without generating any additional stress in the surface of the barrel.
  • Process quality doesn’t vary with the material properties of your barrel.
  • No burrs or tooling marks left on the barrel.
  • Contract services offered in USA and Europe.

ECM Static rifling Extrude Hone solution benefits.

  • Static ECM works perfectly for shortest barrel (up to 160mm) typically used in handguns.
  • Static ECM could take only 23 seconds making ECM rifling a high productivity and economic process.

Cut away

ECM Static rifling detail

Take control of the gas discharge with ECM high precision deburring and radiusing. We use high precision tooling to deliver your demanding tolerances and geometries. We enable your designers’ most challenging designs to be a production reality.

Our processes also contribute to reduced labor costs and part higher productivity. In most cases multiple parts can be processed at once with all burrs removed simultaneously. Often more than one feature can be processed simultaneously within same cycle time.

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