Custom Design Components (CDC) makes Hydraulic Manifolds FASTER and BETTER thanks in part to THERMAL DEBURRING by Extrude Hone.

Since 1993, Custom Design Components in Howard City, Michigan, has been committed to manufacturing high quality hydraulic manifolds and fluid power solutions. We serve industries from agriculture and the industrial sector to the medical and construction fields, using the best machines and tools available to produce our custom manifolds. Our experienced team of engineers can produce the solution that you need on time and at a competitive cost.

The quality of a manifold is critical for the reliable functionality our customers require, and with intricate designs that include multiple cross holes, not even the best machining in the world would be able to ensure a complete absence of burrs. The presence of burrs in the final product could lead to poor manifold quality or even manifold failure, which would be disastrous in fields such as the automotive, medical, and energy markets, etc., where a part failure could be both damaging to equipment and dangerous to customers. To ensure our manifolds are the highest quality, we looked for a solution that would remove burrs while keeping our parts affordable in a competitive market.

That is why, several years ago, Custom Design Components decided to use Thermal Deburring, a process where burrs are oxidized and blown away in milliseconds. This makes sure that the edges on our parts are sharp and clean, with the inner channels free from any burrs or left particles.

Thermal Deburring is a reliable and productive process that integrates perfectly into our manifold manufacturing process to ensure higher-quality parts for our customers.

Choosing Extrude Hone as our partner was an obvious choice. Extrude Hone, located in Pennsylvania, does TEM contract shop work as well as manufacturing Thermal Deburring equipment. They built the machine we needed: a P400 XL. They also offer local service and aftermarket support through Irwin, which is a big plus. The P400 XL is the largest capacity machine that Extrude Hone produces, with a chamber volume of 15” x 18.5”, which allows us to process almost all of the parts that our customers require with one machine. We are well-equipped to process aluminum, steel, and cast-iron manifolds.


Thermal Deburring is a process that CDC has implemented for many years to ensure that all stray chips and burrs are removed from our manifolds. The process of Thermal Deburring involves sealing the manifolds into a chamber that is then filled with a gas mixture and ignited with a spark. The burning of the gases in the chamber creates an intense heat wave that reaches every part of the manifolds and burns off any metal that is not part of the manifold, including loose chips and fine metal shavings that could otherwise cause problems.

CDC has had great success using the Thermal Deburring process to clean our parts for many years, and we are glad to have brought this effective deburring method under our own roof by purchasing an Extrude Hone P-400 XL.


Custom Design Components always works to maintain industry-leading machines, tools and staff. By continually investing our money and resources in new tooling, equipment, technologies, and education, we can provide the high-quality parts our customers want faster and more consistently.

We at CDC focus on selling hydraulic manifolds through a network of distributors. As a distributor of our manifolds, you will have access to our comprehensive catalog of commodity products, overflow inventory and a range of services, such as custom scribing and anodized finishes.

Custom Design Components team has years of experience designing custom manifolds for various industry purposes so that, no matter what your specifications or application, we can manufacture the part that you need.


Want to learn more about TEM- Thermal Deburring, we invite you to visit the T Series page, with all data in a single place.