Extrude Hone India is happy to announce the addition of a brand-new Thermal deburring machine to its contract manufacturing center.

Since its inception in 2012, Extrude Hone India’s contract manufacturing center in Bangalore has provided services to the Indian manufacturing industry. And thermal deburring (TEM) has been the most sought-after technology.

In diverse industry segments, be it fuel system, automotive, or fluid power, customers in numerous applications appreciate the TEM’s unique ability to deburr parts thoroughly. And that has kept us busy throughout.

We have inducted the machine model T-250, the latest in Extrude Hone’s TEM machine portfolio, known for its compactness, energy efficiency, and productivity. With a TEM machine, along with a new post-TEM cleaning set-up, we are ready to support our customers’ growth.

Extrude Hone takes this opportunity to thank all involved in this remarkable journey. It has been our pleasure to get associated with our customers’ success. We are looking for more in the coming months.

Extrude Hone India

Extrude Hone India is in Bangalore. It is an engineering base, supporting the overall Extrude Hone business, a sales and service base, and a contract shop facility that offers access to the three Extrude Hone technologies: Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM), Electrochemical Machining (ECM), and Thermal Deburring (TEM).

The local team provides support to customers across India. The team is with you from the design stage; through feasibility, prototype production, commissioning, and down to the aftermarket support for equipment in India. Extrude Hone also locally designs and produces tooling for the different technologies.



Extrude Hone

In industry sectors like aerospace, automotive, energy, and medical, precision finishing of machined parts is critical to the end product performance levels. Our machines improve the precision of finished product profiles with complete processing in a fraction of the time required by other methods. Our Extrude Hone line of machining solutions can reach, shape, and perfect surfaces you can’t even see to provide the improved performance you can measure.