Electrochemical machining (ECM) is a method that finishes workpieces by means of anodic metal dissolution. Among many industrial applications, ECM is most commonly used for deburring & radiusing of edges.

In the world of manufacturing, there are specific needs for edge finishing in particular areas of components. The reasons behind this need are critical to the functioning of the component and in fact, the entire system: from enhanced system reliability to increased durability & efficiency.

Often the manufacturing fraternity meets practical challenges in fulfilling the need. Hard-to-reach areas, hard-to-machine materials, closely controlled target values, high productivity demand etc. are the typical hurdles faced. And there comes ECM.

The image above is of a cross section of a component where ECM is deployed:

Objective: to deburr & generate controlled radius at eleven identified intersections

Material of construction: forged Stainless Steel

ECM parameters:

Auto cycle time: 12 sec
Number of set-up: 1
Number of component per cycle: 2