Look at this soft-cutting steel-made manifold with some burrs.

Let’s focus on a burr standing fiercely at the intersection between an 8mm diameter and a larger bore.

Such a small thing can compromise human safety when the manifolds are part of a hydraulic-powered access platform system.

Think about “mission critical manifolds”!

Extrude Hone can take away these burrs like a breeze. That breeze is a super heat wave, reaching 6000°F (3300°C) for just a few milliseconds.

Because the burrs or flashings are much smaller than the component, they reach their auto-ignition point instantly and are oxidized in the oxygen-rich chamber long before the component can be harmed.

The burr? Vaporized! Gone!

Thermal Deburring, known as TEM, is broadly applied in the fluid power industry. Steel, cast iron, and aluminum are suitable materials for TEM. Thanks to the existing large chamber, large-size manifolds can be processed.