It’s time to refocus on Aerospace, an historical market segment for Extrude Hone since the ’60s.

We will attend the Paris Air Show, Hall 2B booth E10, with a strong team.

Vincent Grimm will be the booth Leader driving a team of colleagues from the US, UK, Italy, and Germany.

We will be delighted to welcome visitors to the booth to discuss technology and market and share all the fun of being part of the Aero journey.

We will, of course, cover Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) as it’s still a well-known and valuable process in the Aero.

The team will answer questions regarding injection and hydraulic components flow tuning, where our MICROFLOW process shines.

As manual deburring and finishing are often challenging and costly, we will highlight the Electrochemical Machining (ECM) solutions to proceed safely and rapidly with the aluminum blocks. One step further, we will also explore the recent Thermal deburring penetration in this market.

Lastly, we will share the latest results obtained with ECM on the Titanium component.

We believe you also have plenty of projects triggering multiple finishing questions.

Join us, and let’s chat!