Leave nothing to chance, use Electrochemical – EC Rifling for state-of-the-art rifling, improved productivity, and outstanding quality.

the USA for more than two decades.
At Deburring Expo we will introduce a new machine and tools for static and dynamic ECM corrugating.
Watch the 3D animation explaining static and dynamic EC corrugation. It is available on the Extrude Hone Virtual Booth https://vb.extrudehone.com/en/ under the General Engineering Application Corner Video Gallery.
The machined barrel gives the bullet a rotational motion when fired. Rifling applies to rifles and handguns.
Mechanical rifling is anything but a perfect process.
Input bore condition when reamed, average Ra 0.4µm (16µin). The length of the barrel determines the possible EC rifling solution, either static or dynamic.
A high-precision twisted cathode was developed and machined. Static cathodes can be up to 160 mm long, while the shortest movable cathode sections are used for long tube EC-Dynamic applications.
The cathode creates the final design inside the barrel during the electrochemical machining process.
Processing a handgun barrel takes approximately 23 seconds.
The best barrel for greater precision. Don’t leave anything to chance. Use Extrude Hone’s Electrochemical Process – EC Rifling.

To find out more, visit us at the Deburring Expo from October 10th to 12th, 2023 at the Karlsruhe exhibition center, Hall 1, Stand 311.
Stay tuned for some product highlights!

The Science Behind

EC rifling leverages the dissolutions of the material and is governed by Faraday’s law of electrolysis.
The mass of a metal dissolved is proportional to the quantity of electrical charges transferred to the electrode.