There is so much going on in India. The manufacturing business is growing, the Additive market is thriving, and India is undoubtedly in the focus.
Regarding finishing, Extrude Hone is with you to help remove pain points.

Could it be simple mass deburring operation for like manifolds that Thermal Deburring (TEM) can address, or critical flow path polishing done by Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM), or advanced edge shaping under high-quality requirements and at high productivity that Static or Dynamic Electrochemical Machining (ECM) can perform, Extrude Hone has plenty of proven solutions to share.
Trade Shows are the opportunity to network while discovering new things.
This year, we introduced our 1-meter TEM chamber dedicated to long shafts, Dynamic ECM solutions for drilling holes that are off line of sight, ECM micro-structuring capabilities, and ECM Dynamic riffling for long barrels ( Extrude hone handgun Static ECM is already an established solution).
India facility in Bangalore, in the first place, is a contract shop equipped with the three Extrude Hone technologies. That makes it the perfect place for feasibility and production ramp-
up. It’s also a commercial base for equipment offerings and aftermarket services. In addition, because it’s an engineering hub, you can get local advanced finishing consulting.
Our super-motivated India team will be at the ENGIMACH to welcome you under Debnath Goswami’s leadership!