Extrude Hone participates in SAMUEXPO to show how Automated Deburring can support the manufacturing industry.

At the Extrude Hone booth, you will discover the best of Deburring, would it be Thermal, Electrochemical, or even Abrasive Flow, they all share amazing deburring capabilities.

Want to discuss polishing or Additive Manufacturing finishing? Meet our experts.

What is SAMUEXPO ?

The SAMUEXPO has four exhibitions in one:

  • SamuMetal has become a point of reference in the trade fair industry in the sector of metalworking technologies and tools.
  • SubTech is part of a territory traditionally linked to componentry and mechanics. That’s the place where solutions providers will exchange the most;
  • SamuPlast is the top show for technologies, machines, and plastic materials.
  • FABRICA 4.0, the digital revolution zone, is dedicated to company workshops that explore and present innovations of the fourth industrial revolution.

In 2022, there were 686 exhibitors and over 11,500 visitors, most of them from Italy.

Extrude Hone exhibits at the SAMUEXPO.

 Extrude Hone acts in the various SAMUEXPO fields:

  • Tools in the metalworking industry can benefit from our technologies.
  • The very same happens in the machine and tooling for the plastic industry.
  • Our solutions are likely to offer solutions to highly specialized manufacturing companies.

At Extrude Hone, we understand and offer a seamless blend of cutting-edge technology and commercial practicality to meet the demands of industry manufacturing enthusiasts.

Our technology contributes to improving efficiency, lifespan, and the overall quality and confidence you can have in your machined components.

The impact goes beyond the components we touch. Our processes impact the final product where it will be integrated, helping to establish a state-of-the-art image of reliability.

Extrude Hone exhibits at the SAMUEXPO in Stand 10 Pad 5 Bis. Andrea Sordelli Regional Sales Manager Italy -Portugal -Spain, and Ralf Krieger Regional Sales Manager Europe will be there.

Discover Extrude Hone’s deburring solutions.

From large batches of small bulk parts to one-meter-long shafts with multiple variations, discover with a T-Series machine how to vaporize burrs quickly and automatically using thermal deburring, perhaps the most flexible and accessible deburring process on the market.

For more precision just look at our brochure.

For selective deburring at high productivity levels, we offer electrochemical machining.

We have successfully tested solutions for a wide range of industries, from automotive to aerospace, from fluidics to energy. It’s even possible to go one step further by combining the deburring operation with a one-step shaping operation.

And if you have micro-deburring requirements, Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) can meet them. So even micro-holes can benefit from smooth deburring and rounded edges.

Extrude Hone’s outsourcing equipment and services are unique in the market

Meet Extrude Hone’s experts at booth Stand 10 Pad 5.

Andrea and Ralf look forward to welcoming you to the Extrude Hone booth. Come along with your parts and questions and enjoy the discussion about the challenges you face.

Andrea Sordelli

Regional Sales Manager Italy, Portugal and Spain.

Ralf Krieger

Regional Sales Manager Europe