Extrude Hone participates in IWA Outdoor Classics 2024 to show how Electrochemical Rifling, Static or Dynamic, can support the firearm manufacturing industry.

At the Extrude Hone booth, you will discover as well, Electrochemical deburring, Thermal Deburring, or even Abrasive Flow, they all share amazing capabilities.

What is IWA Outdoor Classics ?

The IWA Outdoor Classics, a premier international trade show for the retail gun trade and gunsmiths, originated in Nuremberg in 1974 with under 100 exhibitors.

It occurs from February 29 to March 3rd, 2024, at the Nuremberg Exhibition Centre, Germany.

Evolving into a global event, it caters to diverse interests:

  • spanning traditional craftsmanship to innovative outdoor equipment,
  • functional clothing,
  • hunting,
  • and shooting sports.

In 2023, 61% of the 34,000 visitors from 119 countries and 82% of the 1,100 exhibitors hailed outside Germany.

The exhibition, a hub for security professionals, provides insights into the latest developments in security technology.

Over four days, global vendors showcase new products :

  • for hunting,
  • for shooting sports,
  • for outdoor gear,
  • and firearms for self-defense and official security.

Meet with international experts at the Shooting Expert’s stage.

This year IWA celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. Demand is particularly high for hunting and sporting guns and more than 1,000 exhibitors have registered to answer the call.

Join Extrude Hone at the IWA Outdoor Classics.

We’ll be showcasing our unwavering commitment to firearms excellence.

With a focus on supporting the military, law enforcement, and shooting competition participants, Extrude Hone ensures the utmost confidence in firearms.

Aware of the delicate balance between precision, cleanliness, and functionality, our advanced rifling and deburring solutions, seamlessly integrate cutting-edge technology and practicality to meet the demanding needs of firearms enthusiasts.

For fast, automated burr removal, discover thermal deburring; for precise machining, immerse yourself in electrochemical machining.

Extrude Hone offers both European equipment and subcontracting services, guaranteeing first-class solutions. Visit our stand Ü3C-12 at IWA, where Jürgen Mang, Sales Manager South East Germany / Austria / Czech Republic / Slovakia, and Lukas Wolfrat, Sales Aftermarket Europe, will be present.

Discover Extrude Hone’s rifling solutions.

Our USA contract shop has been dedicated for years to EC-rifling, showcasing a commitment to precision and innovation.

At the recent Deburring Expo 2023, we unveiled cutting-edge machinery and tools for static and dynamic ECM rifling, offering unparalleled customization in twist, groove diameter, and land width for firearms.

Experience the revolution of Electrochemical – EC Rifling, ensuring state-of-the-art rifling with heightened productivity and unmatched quality. Delve into the world of ECM through our 3D animation, accessible at the Extrude Hone Virtual Booth. In just 23 seconds, our Electrochemical Rifling achieves precision in handgun barrel rifling, showcasing efficiency without sacrificing technical intricacies.

Explore our Electrochemical Machining (ECM), capabilities where cleanliness is paramount, leaving no burr or microparticle behind.

Recognizing the critical role of deburring in functionality, our Thermal Deburring (TEM)  solutions extend beyond perfection, addressing components like frames, slides, and trigger mechanisms. Not only does TEM ensure flawless deburring, but it also mitigates the risk of jamming, elevating the overall performance of your firearms.

Trust in our expertise to shape the future of rifling technology.

Meet Extrude Hone’s experts at booth Ü3C-12.

Jürgen and Lukas look forward to welcoming you to the Extrude Hone booth. This will be the perfect place to discuss the challenges you face.

Jürgen Mang

Sales Manager

South East Germany / Austria / Czech Republic / Slovakia

Lukas Wolfrat

Sales Aftermarket Europe