Extrude Hone will participate in a panel discussion at AMUG 2024 to showcase their contributions to the additive manufacturing industry.

They will also have a booth (booth number 87 in Salon D) where attendees can explore their top-notch post-processing techniques, such as Abrasive Flow Machining and Electrochemical Machining, which offer field-proven capabilities.

The AMUG 2024 event in a nutshell

The AMUG (Additive Manufacturing Users Group) event is a dynamic gathering designed “FOR USERS – BY USERS,” dedicated to educating and advancing the applications of additive manufacturing technologiesAt its core, AMUG thrives on a robust community deeply committed to shaping the future of the additive manufacturing (AM) industry, placing a strong emphasis on education.

AMUG provides an inclusive conference agenda where participants, regardless of expertise—whether expert, intermediate, or novice—can gain insights from engineers, designers, and educators.

The event serves as a platform to continually learn, engage in discussions about challenges, and explore a multitude of innovative ideas within the realm of additive manufacturing.

Spanning five days, the AMUG event encompasses a diverse range of activities, including training sessions, technical discussions, keynote presentations, panel talks, and hands-on workshops. Notably, the event features unique elements such as competitions, the innovator showcase, and the AMUG expo. 

In contrast to traditional trade shows, the AMUG expo stands out with a focus on selected exhibitors, prioritizing quality over quantity, thus providing attendees with a curated experience that goes beyond the ordinary.

Extrude Hone solutions for the AM industry at the AMUG

AMUG Metal AM Post-Processing Surface Finishing Panel discussion.

Ray Amin, Business Development Manager at Extrude Hone, is set to participate in a panel discussion alongside industry peers including : 

  • Agustin Diaz from REM Surface Engineering, 
  • Tim Hall from Faraday Technology, 
  • Jim Ringer from Tech Met Inc., 
  • and Laurent Cataldo from MicroTek Finishing. 

Joy Gockel from the prestigious Colorado School of Mines, a Premier Engineering University in Colorado, USA, will moderate this engaging discussion.

Scheduled to take place on Tuesday, March 12, in Room Continental C on the lobby level, the discussion is slated to unfold between 1:30 and 2:30 pm. Attendees will have the unique opportunity to pose questions to the panelists, delving into the realm of post-processing technologies. 

The open forum will explore the advantages and disadvantages of various post-processing techniques and, notably, shed light on their suitability for different components. It promises to be an insightful session for those seeking a deeper understanding of the diverse landscape of post-processing technologies in the field.

Learn more by joining Extrude Hone at the AMUG booth.

To learn more about the Extrude Hone AM finishing technologies, join Ray and Dan at booth #87 in Salon D. We will have some samples and the ability to explore our Virtual Booth content to understand our technologies, their functionalities, and expected results and learn about the machines and contract services we provide

Discover Extrude Hone’s automated finishing solutions.

Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) 

Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) can meet your smooth polishing and edge rounding requirements.

This technology efficiently handles polishing and edge rounding needs, providing a tenfold improvement in surface smoothness compared to initial roughness. AFM is ideal for industries such as Medical, Aerospace, Energy, and Formula 1, ensuring enhanced flow and cleanliness.

Whether replacing manual polishing or refining intricate Additive Manufacturing (AM) components, AFM offers a viable solution. Explore the paper “Abrasive flow machining (AFM) finishing of conformal cooling channels created by selective laser melting (SLM)” on ScienceDirect for insights into AFM’s impact on intricate channels.

For further information, read the white paper on support-free printing of closed impellers and AFM, detailing the advantages of AFM in specific applications.


If you’re grappling with channels of such diminutive size that you believe no solution exists, engage in a conversation with our team about MICROFLOW’s capabilities. 

This technology is rooted in the AFM process but has been meticulously calibrated to handle channels as small as 40µm (1.575 µin) in diameter. While AM may not reach such low dimensions, the process seamlessly aligns with the precision required for small holes, particularly in nozzles.

Electrochemical Machining (ECM)

With incredible designs come ultimate challenges for conventional machining

process in some areas: discover ECM. 

ECM solutions combine shaping and surface improvement operations in a one-step process.

ECM goes beyond the Static Method and comes with Dynamic ECM.

Thermal Deburring (TEM): 

In metal 3D printing, support structures are vital for stress-free, accurate parts, often placed in challenging areas, complicating removal through machining and increasing production costs. 

Manual support removal is inconsistent, time-consuming, and poses safety concerns. By combining Advanced TEM Processes with specialized support structures, we efficiently eliminate support material in channel-like features within seconds, addressing inaccessible areas simultaneously.


Contract Shop Service

Because AM production has yet to involve large volumes at Extrude Hone, you can outsource to our contract shop service if you cannot justify buying equipment. This is a distinctive solution on the market.

You are also welcome to visit our shop to see what happens to your cherished parts.

Meet Extrude Hone’s experts at booth 87 in Salon D, and watch Ray during the panel discussion

Ray and Dan will welcome you to the Extrude Hone booth. Bring us your ideas and questions, and we’ll help you meet your challenges.

Ray Amin Extrude Hone

Ray Amin

Business Development Manager

West Coast USA.

Dan Carson

Dan Carson

Sales Regional Manager