Extrude Hone showcases AM finishing solutions at AM Forum Berlin to address the post-processing challenges. Learn about the various Extrude Hone finishing technologies.

AM Forum Berlin: accelerating the adoption of additive manufacturing

AM Forum Berlin is a pivotal event within the additive manufacturing (AM) landscape, offering a dynamic platform that brings together industry leaders, experts, and innovators. This influential conference is a melting pot of ideas, insights, and advancements in additive manufacturing.

The essence of AM Forum Berlin: diverse perspectives and dynamic dialogues

At the heart of AM Forum Berlin lies a rich tapestry of content, featuring over 80 speakers who delve into diverse aspects of additive manufacturing. The conference covers a broad spectrum, ranging from market trends and serial production challenges to adoption hurdles and operational efficiency. It caters to a wide audience, seamlessly transitioning between discussions on the Automotive and Aerospace industries. 

AM Forum Berlin ensures the exploration and discussion of all facets of additive manufacturing, whether you represent an established industry titan or a burgeoning start-up.

Highlighting diversity and inclusion, AM Forum Berlin incorporates a dedicated segment called “Women in AM.” This initiative aims to amplify the voices and contributions of women in the additive manufacturing field, fostering a more inclusive and equitable industry.

Journeying through innovation: the immersive AM tour and collaborative exhibitor platforms at AM Forum Berlin.

One distinctive feature of AM Forum Berlin is the immersive AM tour, which takes participants to three inspiring AM sites in Berlin. This hands-on experience provides a unique insight into the practical applications of additive manufacturing, allowing attendees to witness the cutting-edge technologies shaping the industry.

The conference also offers a platform for exhibitors, with specific areas allocated to them for deeper and more focused discussions. This setup facilitates networking and collaboration opportunities, enabling participants to engage directly with industry-leading companies and explore potential partnerships.

Global confluence for additive manufacturing excellence: AM Forum Berlin’s impact. 

Over 650 decision-makers and experts from around the globe come to AM Forum Berlin. They can confront challenges in additive manufacturing head-on, creating a collaborative environment. 

The conference is a nexus for knowledge exchange, enabling attendees to stay at the forefront of the latest developments, innovations, and best practices in the rapidly evolving field of additive manufacturing.

With its ambitious motto, “Accelerating the Adoption of Additive Manufacturing,” AM Forum Berlin is not just a conference; it’s a catalyst for driving the widespread adoption of additive manufacturing technologies.

Extrude Hone solutions for the Additive industry at AM Forum Berlin.

Extrude Hone, as a prominent player in the additive manufacturing (AM) market, showcases its cutting-edge solutions at the upcoming AM Forum Berlin. 

Revolutionizing additive manufacturing: Extrude Hone unveils advanced solutions

With a focus on surface and flow improvement, our advanced technologies have gained recognition for their impact on both outer surfaces and inner channels.

Central to Extrude Hone’s offerings are technologies that redefine the AM landscape. We significantly enhance surface roughness by a factor of 10, eliminating residual particles. Our AFM and MICROFLOW technologies excel in processing hidden areas and intricate designs, contributing to quality and productivity.

Customized solutions: tailored excellence.

Extrude Hone stands out by tailoring solutions to diverse application needs. Engaging in discussions with customers during building strategy establishment is crucial, as it impacts post-processing. Balancing build and post-processing times optimally reduces costs per part.

Recognizing industry demands, Extrude Hone believes combining multiple post-processing technologies is the key to addressing challenging applications. Our goal is to find the optimal synergy between each method’s unique benefits.

Meet us at AM Forum Berlin in the Catering Salon, where Ralf Krieger, Regional Sales Manager for Europe, will showcase our groundbreaking technologies. Explore firsthand how Extrude Hone aligns with the forum’s emphasis on advancing additive manufacturing and fostering meaningful industry collaborations.

Discover Extrude Hone’s automated finishing solutions at AM Forum Berlin

Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM)

Abrasive Flow Machining excels in smooth polishing and edge rounding, offering a tenfold improvement in surface smoothness compared to initial roughness. 

Ideal for the Medical, Aerospace, Energy, and Formula 1 industries, AFM enables :

  • improved surfaces improve flow quality. Better surfaces generate less turbulence, which improves component efficiency, particularly in the semiconductor, energy, aerospace, and motorsport sectors.
  • improved surfaces enhance fatigue resistance. Extrude Hone’s advanced surface solutions address defects in high-stress applications, such as structural components and engines for the aerospace industry, and orthopedic components for the medical sector.
  • elimination of partially sintered materials in 3D printing. Extrude Hone processes are efficient and prevent the detachment of particles during a product’s life cycle, which can be particularly damaging in the case of hydraulic components and medical implants.



Rooted in AFM, MICROFLOW handles channels as small as 40µm in diameter, far below the AM requirements, aligning with the precision required for small holes in nozzles.


Thermal deburring (TEM)

Thermal deburring efficiently removes support structures in metal 3D printing, ensuring stress-free, accurate, and complex parts. Combining Advanced TEM Processes with engineered support structures allows simultaneous removal in seconds, even in inaccessible areas.


Electrochemical Machining (ECM)

Electrochemical Machining tackles challenges in conventional machining for intricate designs. ECM solutions integrate shaping and surface improvement operations in a one-step process, going beyond the Static Method with Dynamic ECM.

Meet Extrude Hone’s expert at AM Forum Berlin 2024.

Ralf is eager to welcome you to the Extrude Hone booth and discuss exciting topics related to post-processing surface improvement.

Ralf Krieger

Regional Sales Manager