Extrude Hone is joining his Swedish agent Gradnings & Maskinteknik AB  in ELMIA, May 14-17, to showcase how Automated Finishing can benefit the industry. 

At the booth, you can explore top-notch post-processing technics, including Thermal Deburring, Electrochemical Machining (Static and Dynamic), Abrasive Flow Machining, and MICROFLOW, which offer exceptional deburring and finishing capabilities.

What is ELMIA ?

ELMIA motto is “Optimise your business with precision”. 

ELMIA is at the forefront of production technology, showcasing tomorrow’s innovations that will revolutionize industries. 

From machine tools to cutting-edge measuring technology, ELMIA is dedicated to advancing three main themes: Smart Industry, Sustainable Industry, and Adaptable Industry

ELMIA themes

  • Smart Industry: ELMIA explores the cutting edge of smart manufacturing, integrating automation, AI, and IoT technologies to streamline processes and boost efficiency. Discover how smart technologies are reshaping the future of production.
  • Sustainable Industry: Sustainability is central to ELMIA’s vision. Explore eco-friendly solutions, renewable energy applications, and innovative green technologies shaping a more sustainable manufacturing sector.
  • Adaptable Industry: In a rapidly changing world, adaptability is key. ELMIA showcases flexible production methods, agile supply chains, and versatile technologies that empower businesses to thrive in dynamic markets.

ELMIA hands-on experience

One of ELMIA’s unique strengths is its hands-on approach. Attendees have the opportunity to witness machines and applications in action, gaining practical insights and understanding firsthand how these technologies can optimize operations.

This interactive experience is invaluable for staying ahead in the industry.

Why attend ELMIA 2024?

  • Cutting-Edge Innovations: Be among the first to experience tomorrow’s technologies today.
  • Practical Learning: Test machines and applications to deepen your understanding.
  • Networking: Connect with industry leaders, experts, and innovators.
  • Stay Ahead: Gain knowledge and insights to keep your business competitive.

ELMIA is not just a trade fair; it’s a gateway to the future of production technology. Explore, experience, and engage with the latest advancements in smart, sustainable, and adaptable industry solutions.

Join us at ELMIA to optimize your business with precision.

Extrude Hone’s agent at ELMIA 2024 : Gradnings & Maskinteknik AB

Gradnings & Maskinteknik AB was founded in 1994 as an agent in Scandinavia for Robert Bosch GmbH and a specialized partner for Thermal Deburring (TEM),  Abrasive Flow Machining ( AFM), and  Electrochemical Machining (ECM). 

Anton Fedorov is now successfully leading the company.

As a note, on April 2nd of 2018, Bosch Rexroth AG decided to transfer the entire customer service to Extrude Hone. That meant full service of the TEM P80 and TEM P350 machines. 

Extrude Hone has been licensed to build and sell Bosch Rexroth AG TEM P80 and P350 machines since mid-2003. Extrude Hone is providing worldwide support for these machines, as well as the Extrude Hone new generation machines, the T series – T250, T350, and T450.

Since 2000, Gradnings & Maskinteknik AB has represented exclusively the Extrude Hone brand as the agent in Sweden, Norway, and Finland. 

Beyond Sweden’s workshop companies, many others benefit daily from the superior advantages of their technicians by purchasing services from Gradnings & Maskinteknik AB. Gnutti, Volvo, Franzëns, Skandinavisk Gradtechnik, Servi Group, Kramfor Gradtecknik AB, Outokumpu, Saab, Sandwik, and SKF are among their customers.

Extrude Hone automated finishing solutions for the machining industry at ELMIA 2024

Extrude Hone serves multiple markets, including the Energy-Fluidic, Medical, Aerospace, Defense, Mobility, Semiconductor, and General Engineering markets.

In addition to conventional machining finishing needs, we address the developing AM market finishing challenges.


Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM)

Abrasive Flow Machining (AFM) can meet your smooth polishing and edge rounding requirements.

This technology efficiently handles polishing and edge rounding needs, providing a tenfold improvement in surface smoothness compared to initial roughness. AFM is ideal for the Medical, Aerospace, and Energy industries, ensuring enhanced flow and cleanliness.



If you’re grappling with channels of such diminutive size that you believe no solution exists, discuss MICROFLOW’s capabilities with our team.

This technology is rooted in the AFM process but has been meticulously calibrated to handle channels as small as 40µm (1.575 µin) in diameter. 


Thermal deburring (TEM)

Let’s vaporize the burrs! Thermal Deburring can take away burrs by generating a super heat wave, reaching 3,300°C (6,000°F) in just a few milliseconds. It’s the king process for hydraulic components deburring. 

TEM accommodates materials like cast iron, steel, stainless steel, zinc, aluminum, brass, and some plastics. 


Electrochemical Machining (ECM)

With incredible designs come ultimate challenges. ECM is used with conductive materials, even hard-to-machine ones, and is perfect when different targeted areas, potentially hard-to-reach ones, ECM solutions combine shaping and surface improvement operations in a one-step process.

ECM goes beyond the Static Method and comes with Dynamic ECM.


AM Sweet finishing

Improved Surfaces for Fatigue Strength:

Parts produced by 3D printing technologies can contain defects that propagate cracking and can lead to complete component failure. Extrude Hone’s advanced surface solutions help eliminate defects from the surfaces of additively manufactured components and improve component fatigue properties.

Partially Sintered Material removal:

The inherent process of melting and bonding powder can result in rough surface conditions on the outer skin of a build. Extrude Hone AFM and MICROLFOW processes are among the most efficient methods of removing partially sintered material internally and externally.

Meet Extrude Hone’s experts at ELMIA.

Explore top-notch post-processing technics! 

Extrude Hone is pleased to support his Gradnings & Maskinteknik AB exhibit at the ELMIA. Andreas Wolfrat, Managing Director of Europe, will join Anton FEDOROV for this event. 

Anton Fedorov

Managing Director

Gradnings & Maskinteknik AB

Andreas Wolfrat

  Managing Director

Extrude Hone Europe