Extrude Hone will attend the Farnborough International Airshow 2024 to showcase its top-notch finishing solutions to aerospace industry professionals.

What is the FIA?

Held every two years in Farnborough, UK, the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) brings together the major players in aviation, including aircraft manufacturers, airlines, technology suppliers, government representatives, and civil and military aviation enthusiasts.

FIA is much more than just an exhibition; it’s a platform for networking, innovation, and commerce shaping aviation’s future.

courtesy of Farnborough airshow

FIA, a large-scale event

FIA is renowned for its scale and global impact. The last edition attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors and over 1,500 exhibitors from more than 50 countries.

The event is a prime venue for new product launches, spectacular flight demonstrations, and strategic partnership announcements.

Trade days are followed by days open to the public, enabling aviation enthusiasts to discover the latest technological advances.

FIA is not only dedicated to commercial aviation; military and defense aviation also play an important role. 


Highlights of the Farnborough International Airshow


Technology launches and demonstrations

The FIA is often the scene of aircraft and technology launches. For 2024, Airbus and Boeing unveiled flagship models such as the Airbus A321XLR, optimized for long-haul flights with reduced fuel consumption, and the Boeing 777X, which promises greater fuel efficiency and increased passenger capacity.

As you will have gathered, the 2024 edition has emphasized ecological innovations. With increasing pressure to reduce aviation’s carbon footprint, many exhibitors will showcase technologies to improve fuel efficiency, reduce emissions, and adopt alternative fuels.


Aeronautical innovation and research

The Innovation Zone, a dedicated space for start-ups and new technology companies, allows them to showcase their innovations in new propulsion technologies, air traffic management solutions, or urban air mobility services.

Universities and research institutes also play a key role at FIA, showcasing their cutting-edge work in aerodynamics, propulsion, materials, and sustainability. 

These institutions collaborate with industry to transform research into practical applications.


Networking and trade

Finally, the Farnborough International Airshow is an incomparable networking platform. Hundreds of conferences, panel discussions, and B2B meetings are organized, enabling industry players to meet, share ideas, and close deals.

Contracts signed during the show are often worth billions of dollars, covering areas ranging from aircraft sales to maintenance agreements.

Extrude Hone's solutions for the aerospace industry at Farnborough International Airshow 2024

Extrude Hone unveils advanced solutions with a focus on surface and flow improvement. Our advanced technologies have gained recognition for their impact on both outer surfaces and inner channels. We will showcase its advanced solutions at booth 1557.

courtesy of Farnborough airshow

1. Pump Housing

  • Improvement of laminar flow quality: the volute design and multiple grooves make the pump housing complex in terms of laminar flow quality.
  • Stress relief and removal of stress risers: abrasive media polish intricate geometries, enhancing flow performance

Processed on SPECTRUM equipment:
– Pre-AFM: roughness in the range of 900µin+ (23µm+).
– Post-AFM: roughness of 63µin (1.6µm).

2. Impeller Housing

  • Improvement of laminar flow quality redirects impeller flow without creating turbulence.
  • Stress relief and removal of stress risers specifically at the root of the blades.

AFM used for inner passages improves surface and laminar flow quality.

Processed on SPECTRUM equipment
– Pre-AFM: roughness of 63µin (1.6µm).
– Post-AFM: roughness between 8µin (0.2µm) and 4µin (0.1µm).

3. Impeller

  • Improvement of laminar flow quality, essential for increasing peak efficiency by at least 10%.
  • Stress relief and removal of stress risers at the root of the blades.
  • Enhanced impeller performance: AFM improves blade surface, optimizing laminar flow quality.
  • Naturally easy to process: shape and tooling create natural restriction, making AFM efficient.

Processed on VECTOR for small ones and SPECTRUM equipment for large ones.

– Pre-AFM: roughness of 63µin (1.6µm).
– Post-AFM: roughness between 8µin (0.2µm) and 4µin (0.1µm).

4. Blisk (Blade Integrated Disk)

  • EDM recast layer removal improves laminar flow quality and prepares for thermal barrier coating.
  • Stress relief and removal of stress risers at the root of the blades.
  • Consistent roughness: AFM adjusts roughness to optimal levels to prevent coating delamination.

Processed on SPECTRUM equipment
– Initial roughness: 120µin (3µm).
– Post-AFM: Up to 11µin (0.3µm) in less than 30 minutes.

5. Outlet Guide Vane and Stator

  • EDM recast layer removal enhances laminar flow quality.
  • Improvement of laminar flow quality: AFM polishes blades without damaging them, preserving geometry up to the edges.
  • Stress relief and removal of stress risers at the root of the blades.
  • Enhancement of blade geometry improves airfoil, flow path, and root filet roughness.

AFM processes passages and contours without creating razor edges, polishing, and stress riser removal in a single operation.

6. Turbine Disk

  • Smearing removal (after broaching)
  • AFM ensures consistent round edges or true radii on different disk geometries.
  • EDM recast layer removal produces a flawless surface, eliminating crack risks.
  • Stress relief and removal of stress risers improve roundness and edge finish.

AFM, achieving productivity and quality in one operation, radius, smearing removal, and EDM recast layer removal.
Variable radius depending on slot design: achieves 0.2mm radius without pre-machining.

Nozzle, components with small channels

Superior solution for flow tuning and surface enhancement.

The internal passage restriction usually comes with demanding geometries that benefit from MICROFLOW, leaving a free of micro-burrs, radiused edges, and polished channel

The Extrude Hone MICROFLOW technology targets ±2% or less of the specified flow rate for the injection nozzle.

MICROFLOW offers refined control of the AFM process to achieve deep spray in the combustion chamber with superior atomization

For the small channels MICROFLOW delivers nice polished surfaces

See article in the Fluid Power Journal 

Aluminum hydraulic manifold

Extrude Hone enables the highest quality hydraulics manifolds.

Hydraulic manifolds are very demanding pieces of engineering and machining that contribute to smooth, precise, and safe flights.

Complex manifolds such as complex ones with 248 areas that Extrude Hone process using Electrochemical Machining (ECM) in 3 steps and less than 5 minutes process -time.

Aluminum Manifold

TEM is a good alternative to ECM for aluminum manifolds requiring only deburring. If the geometry is suitable it will deliver the lowest cost per part for an overall deburring.

See the article in the Fluid Power Journal 


Using TEM is the alternative for a 100% burrs removing in this critical component

See the article in the Fluid Power Journal

3D Printing brings in additional challenges to some of the components mentioned above. The roughness is worse compared to casting and it’s not homogeneous. In addition, residual powder can be trapped here and there.

At Extrude Hone, we have designed media specific for Additive Applications.

courtesy of Farnborough airshow

courtesy of Farnborough airshow

Benefits of Extrude Hone's participation in FIA 2024

Extrude Hone’s participation in the Farnborough International Airshow (FIA) 2024 capitalizes on the unique opportunities this premier event offers players in the aeronautics industry.  

Increased visibility and notoriety in the aeronautics market

The FIA attracts thousands of visitors, including corporate executives, engineers, government representatives, and international media. Participating in this event enables Extrude Hone to raise its profile with a wide audience and reinforce its brand.

Demonstrations of our advanced machining capabilities, such as extrusion refining, will draw attention to our expertise and innovations, demonstrating their effectiveness and benefits in tangible ways to improve part quality and aerospace system performance.

The FIA offers the opportunity to obtain direct feedback from potential and existing customers. This feedback can be invaluable in understanding market needs and adapting the company’s offerings accordingly.


Inspiring business meetings and partnerships

Extrude Hone can build relationships with leading aerospace executives, potential partners, and customers. 

By identifying joint projects or technological synergies, we can open up opportunities for collaboration and strategic partnerships. 

The FIA is an excellent place to observe current and future trends in the aerospace industry. Attending presentations and visiting other companies’ stands, Extrude Hone will find new ideas and inspiration for its research and development. This can lead to the improvement of our existing products and services or the creation of new offerings.

Participation in an event of the stature of the FIA demonstrates Extrude Hone’s commitment to the aerospace industry and its desire to contribute to its progress.

Meet Extrude Hone's experts at Farnborough International Airshow 2024

Sean Trengove and Vincent Grimm look forward to welcoming you at the Extrude Hone booth to discuss your challenges in the aerospace industry.

Sean Trengove

Managing Director


Vincent Grimm

Sales Engineer