EXTRUDE HONE’s technology is an enhanced finishing solution for metal 3D printed parts, also referred to as Additive Layer Manufacturing (ALM) components. COOLPULSE™ technology solves the problem of rough surfaces by keeping the Freedom of Design for metal parts at once! This new technology allows complete surface treatment and sets a milestone in development of ECM (Electrochemical machining).





  • COOLPULSE™ is an ECM Technology following the principles of anodic metal dissolution.
  • The part is the anode and the tool is the cathode. There is a gap between the anode and the cathode which will be filled with electrolyte. • COOLPULSE™ uses a special, pH neutral, environmentally friendly, electrolyte which focuses the material removal on burr’s, edges & peaks.
  • The current density is higher on burrs, peaks, & edges when compared to flat surfaces. The outcome is greater material removal in these areas resulting in a smoother surface.
  • The material removed (hydroxides) during the process must be filtered out of the electrolyte stream to maintain constant electrolyte quality in the gap between the cathode and the workpiece.

There are Two Different Ways to Apply COOLPULSE™ Technology:

Bath Technology:


  • Part will be agitated between 2 cathode plates in the electrolyte bath.
  • Concentration of current density is on peaks & edges.
  • Used for external deburring & polishing applications.

Tooling Technology:


  • Part & Cathode remain in static position.
  • Cathode mirrors the part contours, which allows electrolyte to flow in the gap.
  • Simultaneous machining of external & internal features is possible


What is different between COOLPULSE™ and standard ECM?

Although COOLPULSE™ follows the same ECM principles, there are some major differences between the two technologies:

  • Uses a special electrolyte, invented to support a better and more steady distribution of the electrical field over the workpiece surface.
  • Has a higher material removal rates than ECM.
  • Allows for larger gap sizes between the workpiece and the tool.
  • The machine base plate with the work piece, fixture and cathode mounted on it, completely submerges into the electrolyte for machining.
  • Main focus of machining with COOLPULSE™ lays on suface finishing and less on deburring.



To meet the high degree of flexibility and short reaction times of the 3D PRINTING industry, EXTRUDE HONE® had redefined the way tools are designed.

  • Complete tooling service which includes the design, optimization, and 3D printing of the cathodes
  • Feasibility and application support
  • 3D printing of the cathode with the part
  • Remote application parameter upload


EXTRUDE HONE® CONNECT offers access to the Extrude Hone world

  • Direct loading of the parameter files for each new application
  • Remote upgrade of the material package • Automatic machine software upgrade
  • Full service monitoring • Support in commissioning, fault elimination, maintenance and service of the COOLPULSE™ system via internet connection
  • Integrated VPN router in the ECM system
  • Creates a defined surface structure at both the micro and macro level for the workpiece.
  • Reasonable and controllable stock removal.
  • Polishing effect on the surface internally and externally.
  • Removes remaining defects from the support structure and surface.
  • High current density on peaks and edges of the workpiece allows for consistent edge rounding.
  • COOLPULSE™ finishes both internal / external surface simultaneously.
  • Bath technology enables larger surface areas to be machined.
  • Capable of rapid and cost effective tooling production by utilization of 3D printing technologies.
  • Patented base plate allows easy setup. No wire connection to the parts required.
  • Remote application parameters provided and uploaded by Extrude Hone.
  • COOLPULSE™ uses pH neutral, environmentally friendly electrolyte.

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